It’s easy to forget that others don’t see or understand what we do. We know ourselves from the inside out. We’re so deep in the details of our business, brand, mission, product, or process, that the story gets lost on our potential customers, supporters, staff, and sometimes even ourselves. The media I produce takes the knowledge, passion, and intimate (sometimes even subconscious) understanding you have and presents it with clarity of vision.

I’m Chris Proulx, owner and principal of Borealis Productions, a New Hampshire-based media production company specializing in TV ads, product videos, trailers, corporate videos, event videos, program content, websites and more. My clients range from major international corporations to local and regional businesses.

My greatest satisfaction is the moment a client views a finished media production and says, “Yes! This is what I saw in my head,” or “I wasn’t even sure what I wanted, but this is it!”

Clarity of vision drives efficiency of action. Employees feel pride and see the purpose of their work. Customers see a solution to a need. Investors and partners see opportunity.

Borealis Productions can handle your entire project from scratch or contribute a single part meaningfully. Up against a deadline? We’re happy to talk. And you’ll be happy you contacted us.

We’re friendly, high quality, and what we make shines.

Borealis – (bohr-ee-AL-is) Latin. Northern. Commonly heard as part of the phrase Aurora Borealis, the scientific name for the Northern Lights, a natural light show produced when charged particles from the sun react with the earth’s atmosphere. Energy injected into what you knew was there but couldn’t see produces a new visual understanding.

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