Borealis Productions is a New Hampshire-based media production company specializing in the production of TV ads, product videos, trailers, corporate videos, event videos, program content, websites and more.

Chris Proulx, Borealis ProductionsOwner/Director Chris Proulx has been producing broadcast-quality media for clients ranging from major international corporations to local and regional businesses for over two decades.

We can handle your entire project from scratch or contribute a single part meaningfully. Up against a deadline? We’re happy to talk. And you’ll be happy you contacted us. We’re friendly, high quality, and what we make shines.

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Borealis – (bohr-ee-AL-is) Latin, meaning northern. Commonly heard as part of the phrase Aurora Borealis, the scientific name for the Northern Lights, a natural light show produced when charged particles from the sun react with the earth’s atmosphere. It’s a natural phenomenon with a magical effect.

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